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Garnacha tintorera Josep Pitu Roca

Josep Pitu Roca chooses Tintoralba Dulce Selección among the twelve Authentic Wines to drink La Mancha and Madrid

BBVA and El Celler de Can Roca launched a global alliance at the end of 2013. BBVA’s project with the Roca brothers takes shape in Spain with a tour of seven autonomous communities until the end of 2018. Innovation, creativity and the spirit of self-improvement are the basis of this common project, where gastronomy, training and the social axis play a fundamental role.

The BBVA Tour landed in Madrid on 16 June. Joan, Josep and Jordi Roca have presented their personal tribute to the gastronomy of Madrid and Castilla La Mancha with the preparation of a special menu based on products from the region and reinterpreting the most traditional dishes.

Josep Pitu Roca, one of the best sommeliers in the world, has been struck by the wine revolution that is taking place in La Mancha and Madrid. On the website Gastroactitud.com they published an article on 26/04 where they collected a selection of 12 wines from Castilla La Mancha and Madrid that they asked him to make and comment on.

We are proud that our Tintoralba Dulce Selección was selected by Josep Roca as one of the twelve Authentic Wines of Castilla La Mancha and Madrid. This was the comment he made about our wine:

“The most colorful grape dressed in purple, with a veil of vanilla and black fruit jam. Overwhelming density, slow on the palate, where time stands still and the wine is captivating, concentrating the fruit and the sun… A delicious nectar fruit of the exemplary work of a cooperative that combines the feeling of agriculture and the old – and often ungrateful – culture of rooting in the land of La Mancha, where the price of a kilo of grapes forces and conditions”.

You can read here (Spanish) the complete article from Gastroactitud.com.