(English) Bringing the Color of Wine to a Monochromatic Vegas Eatery

If you want to find something completely over the top around every corner, Las Vegas is your city.  Sure it’s gaudy to an extreme, but whether you like the aesthetic or not, one has to appreciate the effort that’s gone into designing the city’s many casinos, hotels and restaurants.

The relatively subdued name Beijing Noodle No. 9 may suggest a cozy noodle café, but when in Vegas, grandiose trumps cozy every time.  This modern Chinese restaurant, located in Caesar’s Palace, is a veritable maze of giant fist tanks filled to the gills with schools of fish.  Aquatic life aside, the restaurant’s most noticeable – some might say garishly overbearing – trait is its lace patterned interior, which was designed by the Japanese studio Design Spirits Company, Ltd.

What’s surprising about Beijing Noodle No. 9’s decor is that technically it’s minimal.  Although your eyes may say “nay,” it’s true that the eatery’s design is composed with only a handful of elements.  For example, there is only one background: steel floral patterns painted white.  According to the designers, this “minimalism” and choice of surroundings achieves a sense of tranquility.  Surely many would beg to differ, but then again, who cares?  No one goes to Las Vegas because it’s tranquil.

When uninhabited, Beijing Noodle No. 9 seriously lacks color, but one could suppose that the people that populate Vegas will add all the color necessary while having drinks or enjoying a meal.  Maybe a patron, inspired by finding such a unique eating establishment, will order a glass of Higueruela at the restaurant bar while waiting for a table.  The Garnacha Tintorera grape, with which the wine is made, also has a unique interior, although one that is entirely more colorful.  A deep purple pulp that creates a dark hued drink would likely spice up Beijing Noodle No. 9’s monochromatic color scheme.


Justine Bayod Espoz

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  1. Patrick says:

    I was there last week and thought it was
    breathtaking…the lack of color was
    a refreshing moment away from the Strip.

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